OCS Mission & Beliefs


Inspire students to Dream, Discover, Learn, and Achieve!


Develop and care for the whole student, in partnership with families and community, through rigorous, tailored educational offerings, customized services, and a culture of excellence and growth resulting in prepared, adaptable and engaged citizens.

Core Beliefs

  • FAMILY - Extend respect, value, and caring to all staff and students

  • COMMUNITY - Share a fellowship by honoring the values, interests, and goals of individuals and groups living in our OCS community

  • TRADITION - Continue established district and school based long standing activities

  • RIGOR - Rigorous learning experiences helping students understand knowledge and concepts that are complex, ambiguous, or contentious, and they help students acquire skills that can be applied in a variety of educational, career, and civic contexts throughout their lives.

  • RELEVANCE - Connect learning to real and meaningful applications and careers outside of the school environment

  • RELATIONSHIPS - Connecting with, trusting, valuing, honoring all students and adults

  • SAFETY AND SECURITY - Provide a healthy, safe & nurturing environment for all students and staff

MIssion and Vision