School Resource Officers
School Safety

Student Safety and Parent Communication

The Oregon City School district considers the safety and well being of our students a top priority. Our District regularly coordinates with our local emergency management officials and law officials to monitor and update plans of actions for incidents which could impact our schools. Our district has well-established security measures in all our buildings.  These include:  Visitor check-in procedures, locked doors after the start of the school day, surveillance cameras, and school resource officer support. 

In the event of a disruption in the school day the following means of communication may be used depending on the severity of the incident to contact parents:

  • Email/Text Messaging-Please make sure to keep your contact information updated when re-registering your student. Please be sure to opt in for the text messaging process. Please contact the building secretary with updates after the yearly re-registration process.
  • Posted message on school website
  • Letter sent home
  • Phone message
  • Twitter/Facebook
  • Press Release-Local Media
Emergency Contact Information

The tip hotline or email should be used by anyone who wants to make OCS officials aware of potential threat or rumor of such threat by an individual to OCS students or employees.  These contacts do not take the place of 911 or the local police.  Always call the police with knowledge of a crime or intent of a crime.  

OCS Tip Hotline: (419)698-6030

OCS Tip Email: