A variety of assessments are used in Oregon City Schools. The most common assessments are formative and summative.

Formative assessments (as you learn) monitor student progress for the purpose of making instructional decisions to guide learning. They give students an opportunity to practice new skills that have been previously taught and help students grow in his or her learning through descriptive, actionable feedback. Examples of formative assessments include academic practice (homework), classwork, class discussions, quizzes and other learning tasks. Formative assessment marks should not negatively impact the student’s course grade.

Summative assessments (after you learn) provide information that is used to make judgments about student achievement at the end of a sequence of instruction. Examples of these include final drafts, tests, projects, and other assessment tasks. Summative assessments are weighted heavily in the overall grade.

Oregon City Schools students also take locally determined and state required assessments.