Welcome to the Department of Teaching and Learning!

The Department of Teaching and Learning is passionate about its mission to help all students and teachers see their hard work lead to student success in college and/or a career. It is a privilege and responsibility to help all students become critical thinkers and problem solvers, able to adapt efficiently to a rapidly changing world. Given the right tools, teaching, and time, all students can be successful.

One of the primary responsibilities of the Department of Teaching and Learning is to coordinate the adoption and implementation of curriculum materials (print and digital) and instructional practices that enable students to meet the demands of Ohio’s Learning Standards. The department also supports rigorous and relevant teaching by providing high-quality professional development (PD) for our teachers and administrators.

The Department of Teaching and Learning also ensures that all students receive the right kind and amount of excellent instruction to meet their needs. Our Gifted and Talented programs provide instructional services to students who need to go more quickly or deeply into academic content. Extra instruction to help students meet grade level expectations is provided in our Response to Intervention (RTI) process and Title 1 programs. English Language Learner services are provided to our ELL students who require specialized instruction and time to learn crucial English language skills and vocabulary.

Staff Members