Preschool Services

Preschool services are offered to Oregon residents whose children are ages 3-5. We also provide preschool special education services for students who have an identified disability. The curriculum used in our program is aligned to the preschool state standards. These standards may be found on the Ohio Department of Education website.

The preschool program in Oregon City Schools is contracted and operated through North Point Educational Service Center. This is a half-day program with children attending four days per week, Monday through Thursday. Preschool classrooms are located in the Wynn Center on Bayshore Rd. Morning preschool times are 9:15 - 11:45, and afternoon from 1:00 - 3:30.

Parents must provide a birth certificate, immunizations and proof of residency. If parents are divorced, they must provide a copy of their divorce document which will state who has custody and, oftentimes, which school district the child must attend. There is a $150/month fee for students who do not qualify for special education services (typical students). As required by the Ohio Department of Education, transportation is provided by Oregon school bus for students who qualify for special education services. Transportation is not provided for "typical" students.

The following Preschools (P) and Childcare facilities (C) are located within the Oregon City Schools’ (OCS) district boundary lines and are part of OCS’ continuum of services. This is information is being provided to you as a requirement of the revised rule from the Ohio Administrative Code Rule 3301-51-11 Preschool children eligible for special education.

Special education itinerant services are also provided at: First St. Johns Preschool, 2471 Seaman St., Toledo.

For information about preschool or if you suspect your child has a disability and you live within Oregon City School boundaries, please contact the Wynn Center School at 419-698-8003, option 1.

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