The first and the last daily school experience many students have in the Oregon City School District is riding the bus. Yet, as if a big yellow bus can blend into the surroundings, the magnitude of the operation remains largely hidden. For example, it might surprise you to know:

  • An average of just over 2,000 students ride to school each day or over 360,000 students each year, not including field trips or athletic events.

  • Buses travel, again not including field trips or sporting events, 3,018 miles per day, or 543,240 miles per year--roughly the distance from Oregon, Ohio to Oregon, the state, every day.

  • An additional over 57,000 miles per year are attributable to field trips and sporting events.

  • Nearly 70,000 gallons of fuel are consumed in an average school year at the cost of over a quarter of a million dollars to the district

  • There 33 regular routes, with 43 buses in the fleet, including others serving as both spares and trip buses.

  • 33 drivers, 7 monitors, 2 bus mechanics, 1 secretary and 1 supervisor comprise the Transportation Department.


Transportation Resources

    Closings and Delays

    There are many factors to consider when cancelling school due to inclement weather conditions. Snow, ice, or fog, all play a major role in this difficult decision. Whatever decision is made, it is not pleasing to everyone, but the safety of the students has been and will continue to be our primary concern on inclement days. Before deciding on a delay or closing, we drive the roads, listen and watch the weather forecast and consult with personnel who can help assess the conditions.

    When school closings and delays are broadcast for Oregon City Schools, it will include all Oregon City Schools and non-public served by our buses. Transportation will not be provided to and from Private/Parochial Schools on days that Oregon announces a school closing. Every effort will be made to air all announcements by 6:15 a.m. Students, parent and staff are urged to listen to local television stations.

    TV Stations

    • WTOL Channel 11
    • WTVG Channel 13
    • WNWO Channel 24

    You can sign up for closing/delay alerts through these local television stations' websites/apps. This information is also sent through our alert platform (BrightArrow) through text, email and automated phone call. We also tweet any closings or delays on our superintendent's Twitter account - @halgregoryOCS.

    Dismissal Times

    Parents of students being transported by an Oregon School bus should expect their child to arrive home any time after dismissal at their respective school. When transporting students home, at the conclusion of the school day, there are times when routes have to be altered. Students may arrive home a few minutes earlier or later than the normal time. Your child needs to be prepared for this situation and provisions need to be made for your children’s safety should they arrive home earlier or later than the normal. Occasionally, an elementary student may tell us his or her parent(s) are not at home. Our expectations are for someone to be there when the student(s) arrived home from school.

    Please make arrangements so there is someone at home if this is what your child is expecting. We also suggest you discuss with your child what to do if no one is home after the bus has dropped the student off. Elementary schools dismiss at 3:35 p.m. Clay High School, Fassett Jr. High and Eisenhower Intermediate dismiss at 2:35 p.m. Your child may arrive home from the bus any time after these dismissal times.


    The Oregon City School District adheres to Title VI, Title IX, ADA, and Section 504; thus, does not discriminate in the education programs and employment practices on the basis of race, color, national origin, age sex or handicap.