Vision and Beliefs


Inspire students to Dream, Discover, Learn, and Achieve!


Develop and care for the whole student, in partnership with families and community, through rigorous, tailored educational offerings, customized services, and a culture of excellence and growth resulting in prepared, adaptable and engaged citizens.

Core Beliefs

  • FAMILY - Extend respect, value, and caring to all staff and students
  • COMMUNITY - Share a fellowship by honoring the values, interests, and goals of individuals and groups living in our OCS community
  • TRADITION - Continue established district and school based long standing activities
  • RIGOR - Rigorous learning experiences helping students understand knowledge and concepts that are complex, ambiguous, or contentious, and they help students acquire skills that can be applied in a variety of educational, career, and civic contexts throughout their lives.
  • RELEVANCE - Connect learning to real and meaningful applications and careers outside of the school environment
  • RELATIONSHIPS - Connecting with, trusting, valuing, honoring all students and adults
  • SAFETY AND SECURITY - Provide a healthy, safe & nurturing environment for all students and staff
District Strategic Plan

Goal 1: OCS will provide all students with rigorous educational programs, services, and life skills necessary to graduate, be prepared for a post-secondary education, immediate employment, and to be a productive member of society on an annual basis.

Goal 2: OCS will strive to meet or exceed all State of Ohio component metrics for the Ohio School Report Card by the end of the 2026-2027 academic year.

Goal 3: OCS will allocate fiscal resources supporting district operations and educational programming efficiently and with transparency on an annual basis.

Goal 4: OCS Administration will evolve and maintain internal and external policies to effectively communicate the issues, actions and decision-making of the District to students, staff, and the community at large on an annual basis.

Goal 5: All OCS Students will access a culture of excellence through a comprehensive educational experience with on-campus access to multiple academic pathways, athletic development, music, fine-arts and performing-arts programs on an annual basis.

Goal 6: OCS Administration will continue to create professional, tailored, and engaging continuous improvement and life-long learning programs to prepare and support the development of effective educators and staff on an annual basis.

Goal 7: The Oregon City Schools will create a comprehensive OCS Development Office by integrating alumni relations, corporate sponsorship and collaboration, and the resources of the Oregon Schools Foundation.